About Gavin

gavin frye soul centered coachingBefore telling you about my professional background and experience, let me begin by sharing a personal story with you.

I am one of those people who knew very early in my life what I wanted to be when I grew up. When I was a very young boy, I found myself continually fascinated by the fact that I rarely met any adults who still had a light shining through their eyes, who were genuinely happy, and who had the ability to truly pay attention to others and the world around them.

On those rare occasions when I encountered an “awake” adult, I found myself imminently curious and asking them all kinds of questions about their lives and how they were able to be different from most other adults. Thankfully, they generously shared with me some of the keys to their well-earned wisdom and life choices.

This fascination led me to set forth a prayer that when I grew up I wanted to be one of those adults who remained awake & alive inside. I am grateful to say that most days now I continue to encounter the world as a curious, childlike, and awake man, open to discover more wisdom and new ways to fully taste the precious gift of life I perceive we have been given.

“Compassion, courage, wisdom and aliveness are very dear friends.”

This heartfelt desire, along with walking through some very painful passages through the years, has led me to discover a deeply fulfilling life path as a counselor and workshop leader. This path of expression has allowed me, with a gracious wisdom and a generosity of spirit that I have come to discover is my true nature, to joyfully assist others who have “gone to sleep” and now desire to awaken more fully to their own inner light and thus live a more fulfilled life.

By way of sharing some of my formal background and experience:

  • I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in private practice in Southern California.
  • I have offered Soul-centered counseling and workshops for over 25 years.
  • I served on faculty for 16 years at the University of Santa Monica, co-facilitating the first year of USM’s transformational Masters Degree program in Spiritual Psychology.
  • I specialize in supporting individuals and couples in career & life transition, with an emphasis on spirituality and creativity.
  • I have designed and facilitated a number of workshops, including:
    • Sacred Passages: Birthing the Next Season of Your Life’s Expression
    • Soul-Centered Parenting: Guiding Your Family From the Wisdom of the Heart
    • Embracing Our Innocence
    • Turning Points: Discovering & Creating Your Life’s Work