About Gavin

I am very blessed to find so much joy working with clients who are open and ready to break free from limiting patterns and step into living genuinely fulfilled and authentic lives. Successfully opening to a life path such as this requires great courage and tenacity — along with the exponential leverage that comes from steady professional guidance over time with someone who brings seasoned skills, wisdom and genuine love.

After 35 years in private practice and six decades of my own challenging and blessed life journey, I’d like to share some of the discoveries I’ve made regarding the process of mentoring personal transformation:

•  each of us has a unique and natural Authentic Self, an eternal presence that longs to be known, breathed into, and lived from. My work centers around inspiring and empowering others to lead their lives from the truth, compassion, creativity and vibrancy of this deeper Self. 

•  difficult and painful transitions in life are often one of the ways our Authentic Self has of getting our attention, of inviting us into a powerful season of change and new direction.

•  opening to the power of love is the golden gateway to our deepest levels of fulfillment and to receiving the abundant blessings of Spirit.

•  the hallmark of truly living a deeply authentic life is becoming more anchored in one’s divine energies  while simultaneously allowing ourselves to experience the full range and depth of our humanness and vulnerability. To continually embrace life as both an awakening and healing adventure requires great strength and courage.

•  we each carry within us a unique constellation of prayers/dreams that we are designed and meant to fulfill in this lifetime — and freeing ourselves to both identify and take bold action towards them is profoundly exhilarating. 

•  keeping our hearts open despite the inevitable pains and heartaches of life is a fierce proposition.

•  building a trusting and heartfelt bond with our inner child nature always brings forward a wealth of intuition, playfulness, strength, passion and creativity which perpetually fuels expansive living. Facilitating the healthy development of this bond invariably involves healing intricate levels of painful trauma from one’s past.

•  we can learn to skillfully embrace vulnerability, not as a weakness, but as an ally and entryway into our depths and wisdom.

•  self-compassion is intimately related to creativity, for as we dare to tenderly embrace those places inside that experience fear and suffering, we open to the wellspring of our Authentic Self’s expression.

•  risking visibility by transparently sharing ourselves — and being truly seen and treasured by others as we do — is one of our deepest longings in life.

•  it is essential to anchor a life pattern of steadily caring for ourselves first — followed by generously serving others from our overflow. 

•  nature, poetry and beauty can be most profound teachers, for as we deepen our relationship with them we deepen our relationship with our profoundly unique inner landscape and source of wisdom. 

My professional background and experience:

•  I am a licensed psychotherapist with a private mentoring practice with over 35 years of experience facilitating transformational work with individuals, couples and corporate leaders. I’ve always specialized in supporting people in the midst of fertile life transition, with a core emphasis on living from the vibrancy & wisdom of one’s Authentic Self.

•  My work with others is multi-dimensional, inclusive of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of consciousness, and I find my most effective work with clients organically incorporates all these levels simultaneously. My immersion in a wide range of professional trainings and transformational programs is simply too numerous to list here, but I’d be glad to speak to you about them. 

•  I served on faculty for 16 years at the University of Santa Monica from 1987-2002, co-facilitating USM’s transformational Masters Degree program in Spiritual Psychology.

•  Over the last 30 years I’ve designed and facilitated a number of workshops, including:

– Authentic Self Living: Birthing the Next Season of Your Life’s Expression (11 months)

– Soul-Centered Parenting: Guiding Your Family from the Wisdom of the Heart (12 weeks)

– Turning Point: Discovering & Creating Your Life’s Work (4 days)

On a more personal note, I’ve recently traversed a major passage of change in my own life. After spending the majority of my life in Southern California, I’ve relocated to the Pacific Northwest and live in a beautiful home surrounded by forest in Portland, Oregon with my wife Johanna, my step-son Kalix, and our golden retriever, Ben. I have a wide range of passions in life, and among my favorites is enjoying peaceful canoe outings on nearby alpine lakes and exploring the glorious beauty and presence of nature all around me.