Mentoring with Gavin

Each person’s relationship with their Authentic Self is totally unique, and each mentoring partnership I enter into with a client is also quite unique. I am always astonished at how the experiential dimension of one’s True Self gracefully reveals it’s presence and truths whenever it is genuinely invited to do so. 

My core nature combined with decades of in-depth, wide-ranging training and experience as a licensed professional has contributed to a signature style that is intuitive, collaborative, joyful and intimate. I have a natural way of connecting with each client that gently facilitates profound healing, heightened awareness and grounded forward momentum in the world.

I have always drawn clients my way when they are at a powerful crossroads in their life. Here are some of the questions I find myself asking prospective clients who are considering working with me:

•  Are you experiencing a longing to spread your wings, personally and professionally, in greater ways than ever before?

•  How often do you give yourself permission to drink from the deeper streams of life?

•  Do you have a heartfelt desire to make a larger contribution to the lives of others by joyfully sharing your unique gifts?

•  Would you like support in moving from a place of fear and limitation to a deeper connection with your own creativity and leadership?

•  Are you paying attention to the energy of the next season of your life’s expression — and do you have the steady support in place to embrace it?

I prefer to begin a working relationship one step at a time, which often looks like scheduling an initial 90-minute session together. By its conclusion, I find we would both know via direct experience whether we have strong rapport and are a match to move forward with longer-term work. At that juncture, we can together decide how often we would schedule sessions to provide you with optimal support. My practice is primarily built upon long-term relationships with a select group of core clients working consistently over time (often weekly) with a minimum 3 month commitment and accompanying pre-paid retainer.

With the rise of the internet, for the last 10 years 95% of the clients in my practice live in different countries all around the world. I’ve been astonished to find that doing transformative work over the phone or visually on-line via FaceTime or other video-based meeting services has been exceptionally intimate and effective. The key variable for success, as it is in in-person work, is the strength of our bond with each other and the mutual sincerity of our engagement in the process. 

If you’d like to connect regarding any questions you have, please call, text or email me. If you’d like to proceed with scheduling an initial session together, simply let me know a specific day and time that will be most supportive for you and I’ll reach back your way to confirm. 

With hearty thanks,  Gavin