Coaching & Mentoring

soul centered coachingFor over 25 years I have offered Soul-centered counseling sessions to those navigating through major life change. The foundation of my work rests upon inviting access to new levels of inner wisdom, healing, creativity and courageous self-expression. These sessions serve as an intimate and fertile container for embracing foundational changes in one’s life — inwardly and outwardly.

If you are cultivating the possibility of making groundbreaking shifts towards living a more authentic, deeply fulfilling life, the leveraged support of a gentle, grounded and sacred partnership — with sessions scheduled regularly over time — can make all the difference.

Sessions can be held over the phone or in person at my home office in Thousand Oaks (approximately one hour north of Los Angeles). Currently, about one-third of my practice is conducted via phone with clients all around the United States.

If you’d like to contact me to schedule a session, or to discuss the possibility of our working together, I welcome hearing from you.

Gavin Frye, M.A., M.F.T.
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

“Each of us has a unique and Natural Self, an eternal presence that longs to be known, breathed into, and lived from.”