With the lightest touch, the deepest intention and commitment for my growth, and an intuition that attunes to the energies of my soul, Gavin has powerfully guided me as I’ve learned to expansively embrace my life. With a laugh that is hearty and joy-filled, he is a living testament to expansive and whole-hearted living. He is very real, human, compassionate, and masterful in his craft. For those with the courage and calling to embrace the next season of your life, I highly recommend Gavin as your loving and masterful guide.
– Betsy Horowitz, Artist


It’s difficult to describe what it’s like to work with Gavin without using superlatives. He is funny, grounded, compassionate, intelligent, intuitive, modestly confident and adventurous. I imagine Gavin as one of my angels embodied into human form. He hears what I say, what I feel but haven’t said, and most importantly, what I have not yet allowed myself to hear within my own consciousness. Whenever I receive Gavin’s support, I feel deeply seen and encouraged to go to my edge on every level.
– Rory Cohen, Author & Workshop Leader


Highly attuned to Spirit, Gavin holds a profoundly safe and inviting space where great healing, empowerment and transformation seem to take place spontaneously. He listens to and sees me in loving, soul-nourishing and transformative ways. Gavin’s integrity, incomparable service consciousness and willingness to candidly share his own challenges and learning process inspires me to deeper levels of Self-trust and the courageous expression of my Soul.
– Gregory Vahanian, Actor